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mickelson has never had that honor, but today for a while, it looked like the left hander was set to carve his name into history. windy conditions of course across the pond. gusts upwards of 35 miles per hour. that umbrella could end up somewhere in france. how about phil mickelson's day? this is lefty on 7, looking for eagle and a share of the lead. couple holes later, he is behind phil. regains the lead by two shots in the rain. short par put on 11, and that's the end of phil, i fear. finishes at 200 for the championship, tied for second. how about the other american, dustin johnson? laying up on the par 5 14th. what is that? out of bounds. finished 2 under, tied for second. back to clarke. leads by 3. the fans, why not, the 42-year-old able to smile. bogeys the last two holes and still wins by 3. 20th appearance in the british open nets him his first major championship and for clarke, who lost his wife due to breast cancer in 2006, this was a special day indeed. >> i want to thank my mom and dad, and my whole family and allison, my fiance, for all their never ending support and to some
mickelson and -- getting -- mickelson might do that more often. he tore up the front nine. no. 7, eagle. he caught clark. it's raining eagles, serious storms in the middle of the final round. a chance for an eagle at seven, and he also takes advantage. he's back in front by two. to the ninth, clark with a tough line off the fairway. it's a low approach. it somehow got over the bunker, rolled up to the green. he saved par. this is an awfully fortunate bounce and clark knew it. mickelson trying to save par at 11. this bogey spelled the end of his bid for the title. clark, won the challenge and element and was able to soak up the applause on 18th fairway. 42-year-old taps in to win. his first major championship over three strokes over mickelson and johnson. prominent victory for one of golf's most prominent players. >> i'm your normal ordinary guy. this week has been incredible. you know, i'm just -- the people like me, they all seem very pleased. it's wonderful. i have so many people i could thank along the way of my career, but to eventually get here at 42, it's incredible. >>> killer bees i
mickelson made a final bid to return the trophy to the states. started the day at par. 41-years old, the irishman, an eagle to go to -7. phil mickelson not going away. on the tenor for birdie. he drops it, -6 par and he will tie for second. on the back nine, clark after a round of 7 is the open champion, his first major crown. stay with us. we >> the weather will be great if you spend all of your time in a pool next week. >> temperatures now in the 80's. overnight, we dropped but not a lot. most of the readings in town will be in the 70's with a q suburban 60's. tomorrow, we will put a lot of red on here as the readings will jump into the 90's with the humidity up as well. 93 come in a -- 93, 92, 95. the best rain chant on tuesday and after that the chances not that great. isolated chance wednesday and friday. it will just be the humidity. >> the spring up in new hampshire, highlights coming up tonight at 11. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is a wbal-tv 11 editorial from president and
at roayyal st. george. but the movement was alive and well. mickelson, with a long putt. ties at 5 under. clark matches mickelson with one of his own. ain,he would come backa agian trailing two strokes. to pull within one. we have seen this. bogeyed four of the last eight. for second. clark was as consistant as it gets. on the 18th hole, he wins his age 42.t the stanley cup can get delayed. horton had to wait for trophy to arrive. e retrieved this. break.h we and humid at the end of e week. dangerous heat and humidity. thank you for watching. see you later tonight at 11:00. see you later tonight at 11:00. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. but what we should also be celebrating are the moments. the ones that could have been just
for 10 holes, phil mickelson was up to the challenge. mickelson for eagle, he was tied for the lead. mickelson played the first 10 holes. 6-under par. he is finishing with his 68. clark dropped the shot with a bogey at number four. got two back when his eagle put on number seven was also good. the other player in contention was dustin johnson. johnson began the round one stroke back when he made birdie on the 12th hole. he was back within two. any chance that came about on win -- he took double bogey. that meant clark could stroke in. he gave one back with the bogey. took another one here at 18. when his power puck would not quite drop. that still means a three stroke win that clark said wasn't just for him. >> i want to share it with everybody. i'm your in normal ordinary guy and i just want to share. to get here at 42 is wonderful. i've tried and tried and tried. as much as i got annoyed with the game, i kept the belief. >>> a final look at the leader board where clark was 5-under par for the tournament and three strokes in front of mickelson. thomas bjorn the other irish on the
today, this time in england. for much of the day it appeared phil mickelson will charge to the top of the leaderboard but in the end it would be an irishman lifting the jug. windy conditions across the pond in england. gusts upwards of 35 mile-per- hour. phil mickelson started at even par but birdies three of the first six. this is on 7 and for eagle. and the left-hander is charging, tieing darryn clark for the lead. but clarke will answer his own on 7 as well. the eagle of his own and yes, the northern ireman goes back up by 2. now mickelson birdies 10. he had a short putt on 11 and this is his achilles heel. but that's only good enough tofy for 2nd. and the other american, justin johnson began one-shot back. this is a lay-up on 14. out of bounds. the white stakes are o.b. and that's gone and he would tie for second as well. to clarke leads by 3 shots. he can tap this in and going to play with the crowd and a little smile and the 42-year- old makes it official. clarke 5 under wins by 3 and his first major comes 20 years into his open championship career. the third major winner fro
this evening phil mickelson. the great golfer stops to talk about higame and passions. >> i play my best when i'm challenged. the more challenging the shot the better i pull it off so i have to challenge myself. i can't hit a seven-iron lay-up shot if i can reach it way hybrid or three-wood i have to challenge myse. >> charlie: we conclud the evening with steve carell and the new film "crazy, stupid love." >> when people try to be funny it doesn't necessarily work that way you play it honestly and it evolves by that and by the same token if an actor is known for comedic work goes to do a drama you don't have to walk around with a frown on your face because you're on a drama. people don't know in life -- they don't know whether their life is a comedy or drama. >> charlie: the battle in washington and the golf of phil mickelson and the acting of steve carell when we continue. funding was provide by the following: captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> charlie: phil mickelson is here. he has won four grand slam events the masters and
of the british open at royal st. george's. a big push early by phil mickelson but lefty with the long putt for eagle in the 7th drains it to tie for the lead at five under. today though another big day for the irish. darren clark for eagle at the 7. sinks it to regain the lead. then on 18 with four putts to win. clark just misses the par putt but he is smiling of course because he knows it is all over. clark taps in for bogey to win his first major championship. >>> this evening as you know i'm following up with a little beverage this evening. >>> i'm sure he will get used to that as much as he can. he gets his name on it this year. american phil mickelson and dustin johnson finished tied for second at two under. thomas bjorn fourth. ricky fowler and two others at fifth. >>> nationals pitcher listed as day-to-day after twisting his right ankle this afternoon. the lefty limped off the field in the 3rd inning after colliding with the braves catcher brian mccann as he was coming in to score. threw a few warmup pitches but decided to leave the game. nats and atlanta taking on the braves. down
jimenez getting loose. mickelson might start dancing more often. he tore up the front nine. no. 7, eagle, yes. he caught clark for the lead at five under. it's raining with serious storms in the middle of the final round. clark's turn. chance for eagle at the 7 and he takes advantage. he's back in front by two. ninth hole, clark with a tough one off the fairway. low approach shot. it just gets over the green side. rolls up to the green. saved par. a fortunate bounce, and clark knew it. mickelson to save par at 11. this bogey spelled the end of his bid for the title. his mind went downhill after that. clark weathered the challengers and the elements and was able to soak in the applause, the tap-in for his championship. improbably victory for one of golf's most popular players. >> i want to share with everybody. i'm your normal ordinary guy. i want people to be -- it's been incredible how supportive. the people like me, they all seem very pleased. it's wonderful. i have so many people i could thank along the way, but to eventually get here at 42 is wonderful. >> safe to say the rest of the
and three shots back. phil mickelson has never won an open championship and got his work cut out for him tomorrow after shooting a one over 71 to leave him four back. dustin johnson matched fowler's 68 for the low round of the day. in fact, he briefly did have a share of the lead and will head into the final round one shot back. darren clark played the front nine even but would get back to five under after the birdie on number 12. the 42-year-old shoots a 69 and is 18 holes away from his first ever major title. >> darren clark back to the top of the leaderboard. >> i felt if i won the open it would be my lifetime dream if i was to win it. all players are judged on the majors. you are judged on your majors record. >> not the typical athlete that everybody else is. i'm not the guy that goes to the gym all the time. a little bit on the heavy side. i like a drink. i like to socialize. i like to relax and i think most of the people that come watch identify with that. that's probably why they seem to like me so much. >> clark will play with dustin johnson who has also never won a major. glover
. phil mickelson came out putting for eagle. drained. oh, wow, he goes five under on the front nine. darrin clark the third round leader. clark has a similar result on the 7th. putting for eagle and get this to go. clark reclaims the lead at seven under and the battle is on. the back nine at royal saint george's and phil mickelson having trouble. misses the short par putt. phil was three over on the back and finished tied for second at minus two with this man. dustin johnson in contention. second shot going for the green and johnson his it out of bounds. he would double bogey and finishes at two under-par. the day belonged to 42-year-old darrin clark. enjoying the walk up the 18th fairway. all smiles. three shot lead. tapped in for bogey to win his first major championship. clark the sixth man in history to win his first major over the age of 40. the nats against the braves. roger drives the pitch to the gap in right center. check it out. hustling around the bases. he's going to try to score. here comes the relay. he crashes into brian mccann. the ball gets away. he scores. nats tie
to come. it was a huge day, especially for the women's soccer team. world soccer team. phil mickelson, in the end today, the u.s.a. will have to settle for second. we start with the soccer in germany. u.s. team entered undefeated in 25 matches all time versus japan. including three wins alone this year. looked good in the 104th minute. tied at 1. 13th career world cup goal, that's the most in u.s. history. u.s. up 2-1. in the 117th minute, japan in the corner, and fifth goal of the tourney for her. tied at 2. the u.s. did not do well. japan did, three of four. japan shocks the u.s. to win its first world cup. >>> to england we go, final round of the open championships. phil mickelson 6 under par for the first 10 holes. for eagle and a share of the lead, but lefty faded. tying for 2nd. this is for eagle, regains the lead by 2. dustin johnson, only one shot back, but what is this layup? white stakes, that is out of bounds. tied for send with mickelson. clark, all he had to do was tap this in. bogeyed the last two holes and still won by three. his first major championship in his 20th yea
. mickelson 6 under par through 10 burb he made four boggize, like here at 11:00 mickelson finished with a 68, three strokes back. clarke got that stroke back and one more when he, too, was good on an eagle putt on the same 7 hole. the other player in contention was dustin johnson. johnson began the day one stroke back, making birdie on no. 12, he was back within two with six to play. any chance of johnson rallying late came to abend at 14 and where his second shot ends up in the briars and brambles. johnson did not threaten again. that meant clarke could cost coming in. he took at 18, his par-putt comes close, but doesn't drop. even par-70 for clarke who ends up five under par for the tournament and three strokes ahead of the rest of the field. final look at how it all shook out. over mickelson and johnson. thomas bjorn finished four strokes back. three americans tie even par, chad campbell, anthony kim and rickie fowler. by now the pattern is well- established, the giants never seem to win a game couldn'table, but after another tight one in san diego they head home winners of three out of f
though the irishman is used link all, he does not like the wind. phil mickelson is not like the wind. >> it would be a challenge out there for sure, it is very -- tiring. you have to work on the control of your golf ball. suddenly, i think the best golfer will win. >> this is day 121 of the nfl lockout. tom brady and leaders of the for an' union called immediate end to this thing. both sides have reached the limits of compromise. they are out of time. as soon as the deal is done, the redskins will start working to add a free agents. they want santonio holmes. he was traded to the new york jets in 2010. it also go after defensive and offensive linemen. the nationals have asked the consider national star game.he 2015 all- great would that be? washington, d.c. is a great venue. the only problem for 2015 is that the florida marlins also asked for it. they are only one of two teams never host an all-star game. i do not know of that would work for them, but at least they are in the hunt. >> we are excited for tomorrow. >> in the day after that as well. it will be quiet and delightful. enjo
and phil mickelson made him sweat it out. drilled the long eagle on 7. lefty pulled even but couldn't get over the hump. clarke with room for error on 18. two-putt for the win. at 42 years of age, the irishman finally wins his first major, taking the open by three strokes. and the shot of the day wasn't from the open. former colorado avalanche joe sakic on the million dollar 17th hole. he shoots. he scores! 500,000 for him and another 500 grand for charity. not a bad day on the links. that's your early look at sports on "early today," i'm bill seward. >> "early today" sports is brought to you by touch of gray. get rid of some gray, never all. >>> well, an iconic american director sneaks in a personal milestone on harry potter's big weekend. your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, endangered by environmental pollution, and banged up by abusive boaters, they're making their bid to stick around no matter what. and they may have found their poster boy. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back on this mondayto "early today." hope you had a wonderful week
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the new queens of soccer globally. >>> british open, windy day in sandwich, england. mickelson draining the eagle putt to go to 5 under and tied aaron clark for the year. but this belongs to mr. daren clark, three sub-par rounds before today's even 70. the 42-year-old winner of the british open. >>> hey, kyle busch. the winner. excuse me, kirt busch, no, no, ryan newman. that's sports for now. hope you have a good weekend. >>> still to come at 11:00, some smooth moves. a man showing off his dancing skills at the baseball stadium. we'll show you what he can do coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> well, this guy looks like fun. a baseball fan brought his dancing shoes to a seattle mariners game. [ laughter ] ♪[ music ] >> check that out. he does everything even the robot right there. he busted out his best bookies. you can see there, his kids, yeah, they got into the fun, too. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
. rory mcilroy having a tough day. he shot a plus 4 on the day and sits tied for 25th. phil mickelson gets a bunker. plus 1 for the day. fowler birdieing on 16 and he finishes 2 under. and second dustin johnson for birdie on ten, 4 under for the tournament. your leader is northern ireland's darren clarke, the last time he contended for a major was ten years ago. he misses by inches for eagle, and leads the field at 5 under par heading into sunday. >> that's where you need to be, you know, tomorrow the forecast is wind again. it's going to be tough. and i know what to expect, so i'll go out tomorrow and do my best, and if my best isn't good enough, then i'll be trying again the next day. >>> a's a winner last night, today a scheduled doubleheader with the angels game one. top of the seventh, angels up 2-0, aybar, 3-0 halos and they do the happy dance. bottom of the seventh, a's down 3-1, cliff pennington scores. bottom of the ninth, two outs, tieing run at the plate and coco crisp swings at the first pitch, strikes out. the a's lose 4-2, the first loss to the angels at home this season
. >>> phil mickelson has never won an open championship and he has his work cut out for him tomorrow after shooting a one over 71 to leave him four back. >>> dustin johnson. briefly with a share of the lead and will head into the final round one shot back. darren clark played the front nine even but would get back to five under after the birdie on number 12. the 42-year-old shoots a 59 and is 18 holes away from his first ever major title. >> i thought in the open it would be my lifetime dream if i was to win it. it is that sort of thing. all players are judged on their majors. we are not judged on what tournaments we win. >> not the typical athlete like everybody. i don't go to the gym every time. i like to socialize, relax, and i think most of the people that come to watch will identify with that. that's probably why they seem to like me so much. >> i can definitely relate to that. all right, clark will play with dustin johnson who has also never won a major. lucas glover dropped to fifth after shooting a 73. >>> a little lighter tournament up in lake tahoe. former vice president dan quai
packing their >>> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up on "game day." phil mickelson's bid for the championship. >>> a local girl the next hope for the stars and stripes. we will be joined on the show by as second baseman weeks whose baseball history took roots in the negro league. "game day" is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, flight are done packing their gigantic suitcase. they spent today putting things into a cargo canister the size of a bus. it will . >>> astronauts on nasa's last shuttle flight are packing their suitcases. a cannister the size of a bus brought tons of foods and supplies returning filled with trash and other discarded equipment returning to earth thursday ending 30 years of shuttle life. >>> san diego's gay pride parade is a little different this year. marching openly in the parade displaying their branch of service on t-shirts. this is said to be the first time there was an organized military presence at the parade. they march madness openly to celebrate the open of the military's don't ask, don't tell policy that forced them to hide their sexual orientation. >>> if you had any
. >>> you know how you say phil mickelson with a british accent? you don't. in 18 tries at the british open, he fin inned in the top ten once. he will try to do that tomorrow morning as he tees off at 9:21 eastern time alongside martin and lui. lefty has 47 wins, four major titles. why has the british eluded him so badly? >> the putting has been the worst. the ball rolls true, it's just i haven't read them well and looking forward to putting them this week. >> i believe derek has a green in his backyard. >> it's brown actually. >> i imagine with this weather it would be. finally tonight, remember last year the big joke of the moment was lebron and the decision. well tonight seth myers went to town on the bankrupt l.a. dodgers. >> the dodgers are so break, their third base coach is reflecting the image. the dodgers are so broke, thee of their players tested for raman noodle. >> i think what he's trying to say, the doctor's approach. >> very funny stuff. >>
'm going is stricker, ken takes mickelson. >> i play to win. >> the guy on the right. take a shot at control room. that's our director wayne and he goes with frederick. . >> he is waving. >> he keeps the show on track. he is going with frederick. we will be,,,,,,,, ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] say hello to the new mango pineapple real fruit smoothies from mccafé, bursting with fresh flavors and blended with creamy low-fat yogurt. the simple joy of exotic refreshment. ♪ scientists look at the rm futu valley. why . >>> coming up tomorrow morning, stanford sciencists will take a look at long term future of the napa valley. why it may not be around for hour grandkids. that's tomorrow morning he
title. >>> eagle at 7 to reclaim the lead from phil mickelson at the age of 42 clark winning his first major by three strokes. >>> baseball. giants and padres tied at 3 in the 11th inning. it is the squeeze. chris stewart lays down the perfect suicide squeeze. giants win 4-3. >>> 80s weekend at the coliseum. hammer throwing out the first pitch. he was an as ball boy back in the day. pitched better than angels starter. conor jackson grand slam. scoring 8 in the first winning and they win 9-1. that's the minute in 55 seconds. >> did you it great. we have 5 seconds to say goodbye. three, two, one. see you back here at 11 p.m. bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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strokes back. 61-year-old tom watson. phil mickelson is three strokes behind. the co-leader is darren clarke, drain a long one. clarke and lucas glover at 4- under par. and funny, you can get up or stay up around 2:00 in the morning and see some of the british open third round stuff. when you're just getting in you want to see good putting. >> i don't know why you think i go out all hours of the night. we don't go out prancing around the city. >> just a couple that likes to stay home and quietly love. that's nice. me too. the nfl lock out appears on the home stretch, you don't have nfl lock out fatigue by now, there's smith strutting. i'll spare you the propaganda, the only bottom line here that's floated around by next friday they could have something signed and why nobody is really a fan will sweat when they miss games. we're hearing a billionaire versus a millionaire, it's almost over. >> okay. you sound relieved. >> it's good. glad to see both sides happy. >> have a good night and a great weekend everybody. see you later. ]s
, checks, spins in for the eagle. hansen is even par tied for seventh. phil mickelson has long struggled in the british open. he's in the hunt this year. his third shot on nine looked like it would drop for birdie. only three guys were under par today. one was ricky fowler, burying the birdie putt on 16. with a 68, he's two under. dustin johnson will be playing in the final group for the third time in the last six majors. johnson sticks his approach from 150 out on 15. he birdied to go to 5 under and finish at minus 4 with a 68. johnson is one back of clarke. he should consider that lucky. clarke the only player today to birdie the first hole. while he shot a one under 69, it would have been four or five strokes better. short putts his nemesis all day. despite the missed opportunities, clarke with a one-shot lead on johnson. fowler joins bjorn. the every man, clearly the favorite, and he knows why. >> i'm not the typical athlete. i'm not the guy that goes to the gym all the time. i'm a little bit on the heavy side. i like to drink, socialize. i like to relax. i think most of the people t
a plus-4 for the day and sits tied for 25th. phil mickelson on 12, that's what i call a bunker. he gets it on the green, a plus-one today, he's tied for 7. rickie fowler coming up for birdie on 16. he reads the green nicely to finish 2 under for the day. he is tied for third. sitting in second is dustin johnson. for birdie on 10, he sinks it 4 under. but leader, northern ireland's darren clarke. the last time he contended for a major was ten years ago. here, putting for eagle, misses by inches and leaves the field at 5 under par heading into sunday. >>> a's a winner last night, today a scheduled doubleheader with the angels, angels with a 2-0 lead and then eric aybar, 3-0 halos. bottom of the seventh, a's down 3-1. a base hit to center, cliff pennington scores. we're now at 4-2, l.a., bottom of the ninth. crisp swings at the first pitch. this is still a tough pitch buff the a's lose 4-2. oakland's first loss to the angels at home this season. game two of the doubleheader, top of the second, no score. runner on for mark trumbo and he hammers one to right center. make it left center. comc
mickelson. he misses the par putt. he would regroup, hitting the putt for par at 18, finishing with an even par 70. how about john daley, the 1995 british open champ sinks a long birdie putt. he shot a two over 72. the story of the day, this kid, 20-year-old englishman tom lewis, nice birdie putt on 17. all eyes on the amateur today who set the record for lowest round by an amateur with a five under 65. he's four under right now in round two. >>> a major blunder by the prosecution led to a mistrial in the government's perjury case against roger clemens. it happened on the second day of testimony. the u.s. district judge said the former pitcher could not be assured a fair trial after prosecutors showed jurors evidence which had been ruled out. the judge called it a mistake that even, quote, a first-year law student would have avoided. clemens who walked out of court signing autographs was accused of lying to congress during a hearing on performance-enhancing drugs in baseball. there's now a september 2nd hearing on whether or not to hold a new trial. >>> remember the bench clearing brawl bet
not bode well for the americans, and certainly not for phil mickelson. he has played in 11 british opens and never finished better than top 20. he missed the cut twice. he struggles on the courses but he somehow thinks the americans have a pretty good chance. >> even though we do not have necessarily anybody in the top five or the top however many in the world ranking, i do feel good about american golf. we have good young players, good young talent coming up, and i would not be surprised to see them contend this week. >> he finishes 24. john will play in the pro-am last night in north carolina. he schooled julia's hodge -- julius hodge. jw is just too quick. he was breaking ankles, putting on a show. he turns to his homestead in north carolina and brings the curtain down. a spectacular night in raleigh. remember that guy who caught up derek jeter's home run ball but give it back because it was the 3000 hit? the yankees gave him a bunch of memorabilia, but the irs said they would tax all that stuff. the kid's only 23 years old. miller high life says if they do they will pay him because t
for the lead at 5. mickelson even par today. >>> there is no formal deadline for when the nfl deadline needs to be solved. if they want training camp to start on time and keep the pre- season in tact, they are down to their final days. the two sides met in new york today, including eight of the ten owners on the labor committee, one source said that the two sides are on the 546 yard line now, but just asked the redskins how hard it is to score from the 546 yard -- 5- yard line. and at $1.5 billion, they are fourth in the world behind the yankees, cow buys, and man chest -- cowboys, and manchester united. they are making about $76 million per year. >>> finally tonight if you participate in the red neck games, you might be a red neck. these are the 16th annual red neck games in east dublin, georgia, the big event, the mud pit belly flop, they have the toilet seat toss, the cigarette flip, the seed spitting, and the always popular, bobbing for pigs trotters. i looked it up, the pig's trotter is the pigs feet. >> bobbing for pigs feet? >> yes, the red neck games. they called it that, not me. >>
in the final group for the third time in the last six majors. phil mickelson still in the mix at even par. still has a shot. you never know with that crazy weather over there. so you just never know. >> soccer match tomorrow. american women. japanese women very skilled and fast. got to slow them down. >> it will be a tough match for either one of them. >> what does it look like for us? >> very great night for us tonight. clear, quiet. tomorrow much warmer. easing through the 90s and hit the century mark very close to it later on in the week. going to sweat it out. >> thank you. >> thank you for watching. have a good night, everybody. see you back here tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: weekend's "insider." i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. >> jennifer lopez and marc anthony calling it quits. was there signs of trouble? the big event j. lo just attended without marc. >>> ashton models his marriage from his past before he hits "two and a half men." >> i play carol brady. >> her forgotten commercial, he
mickelson drains the putt on 14 to move to 1-under, three back and he will take it. they are all chasing lucas glover who made eight straight pars to end the round. the former u.s. open champ is tied for the lead at 4-under with darren clarke, who hits the long eagle putt on 7. glover is trying to become the first american to win a major since phil mickelson won the masters last april. 31 players are within 4 shots the lead including rory mcilroy. thanks to his ace, tom watson made the cut. >> i couldn't see it go in. the replay, it was a slam-dunk. if it missed the flag would have been 30 feet by. so it was lucky. now, they're all lucky when they go in. but that's what i was aiming at. it was into the wind and it was about 160 yards. so old guys get them in. the kids are hitting six irs. old guys 4 irons. >>> super bowl champ and former cal quarterback aaron rodgers looks ready for the season. his receiver, however, needs work. to steal a quote from charles barkley, his golf swing is just turrible and apparently getting worse. he tried everything, swing coaches and now using one hand. b
to be done >> phil mickelson may or not the may not be america's best hope going into the british open downwind drive 390 yds and into the bed at 220 phil mickelson tees off at 2:21 p.m. thursday afternoon 821 a.m. chicago time not sure what to expect >> a number of issues but the biggest has been the putting on the greens but the ball rolls true but i have not read them while and support a turnaround last week and i am looking forward to putting this week i hope it is good >> would not count on that not much new in football talks today and the head of the nba players' union wanted anyone to go play in europe that are digging in for a long work stoppage yesterday all star game big moment heath bell the shell steaming out of the bullpen in the eighth inning and did what relief pitchers never get the chance to do national league wins paul konerko bounces out to starlin castro to add to the game and the show for the cubs of this year at eye of another cubs all-star infielder >> he continues to put himself into those situations where he can learn and the more experience he can gain the
that was the reason for the split. i don't know enough about those relations. we're going to talk to phil mickelson later and we'll ask him about that. >> and think about it. also the highest paid caddie. $1.2 million in i think 2007, being a caddie for tiger woods. it's a lucrative job and you're a team, pretty much. amazing. >>> and the annual pop culture convention. the comic-con convention. i remember when it was one of the number one things trending on twitter. big events. >> i remember when innovation 13 -- >> no. but i know there are people, and that's why comic-con is so famous and popular that to do that. it's under way in san diego. kicked off yesterday. 125,000 fans a lot of them attending in full koss tulle. the guys fr s fros from "twilig" actors come to meet fans and also take part in panel discussions. >>> a little country and a little showgirl. shut down part of the famous strip to protest resort fees charged at many las vegas hotels. they're not usually included in the advertised room rate. a gesture of solidarity with the american consumer. i should tell you, they were all -- it's
been phil mickelson and bones mckay. in fact, jim is the only caddy that phil mickelson has ever used. there's a joke on the pga tour every caddy is considered a future ex-caddy for someone. it happens week in, week out on the pga tour. obviously, this was a very high-profile bust-up because you can make a strong argument that this pairing, steve williams and tiger woods, was the most successful caddy-player partnership in the history of the game. i think that's the main reason it's drawn so much attention. >> oh, yeah. and the two were together through 13 major championships there. and look at the money that steve williams was able to make there. you know, if you calculate it at, say, 5% of the earnings, the "washington post" did that, williams earned close to $5 million. that's a lot of money there. >> yeah. and it's actually probably a good bit more than that, stevie williams, because of the association with tiger was able to make a lot of money away from the golf course. and you know, probably during that 13-year period if his earnings were official pga tour earnings there's no do
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